Rencontre : Practice English/French – Inatlantis


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Date fin
11:00 à 13:00
Lieu de l'évènement
Centre Culturel De L'Agdal, Rabat
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Rencontre : Practice English/French -Inatlantis

Come practice  both  your English & French  with Inatlantis at Agdal cultural center – Rabat,  for free with us.

Do you want  to improve your english or your french? Share your experiences ? and make new friends all at once ?

This workshop was made for You !
Communication helps a lot when it comes to soft skills, at the same time it pushes you to improve your language skills; that’s why we get together every Sunday (for more than one year now).
It’s for free and it’s open for Moroccans and Foreigners,
Don’t miss it this time !
And Come meet new people and start new friendships. Spice up your life, come mingle and chill.
An environment which supports social networking. Build a network of friends from different countries around the world. Form bonds that transcend boundaries and experience different cultures.

We also aim to discover new hangouts and through that.

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INATLANTIS is an Online & Offline Project:

Informal meeting once a week in a coffee shop in Casablanca (For free), as a local, you get chance to practice with advanced or native speakers, and as a native speaker you get the chance to integrate and interact with our lovely local community.

Group calls:
Attending these Group Calls is the equivalent of going to a country and interacting with the natives there to learn their language. So it’s a win win matching process, and here is how it works: native and/or fluent speakers will be able to set up a scheduled group call. They will choose the topic of discussion. The maximum number of participants is 5, one of which must be a native speaker or fluent in the other language.

Take your coffee and join us