Girls Code 4ème édition – ENSIAS


Date début
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09:00 à 18:00
Lieu de l'évènement
(+212) 5 37 77 72 30
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Girls Code 4ème édition – ENSIAS

Girls Code is coming for its 4th edition, that will be held in ENSIAS, Sunday March the 17th, 2019. The event is organised by the MCPC The moroccan Collegiate Programming Contest.
Girls Code is a girls-only programming contest to celebrate girls in tech..
Languages used are: C, C++ , JAVA, and Python.

The Moroccan Collegiate Programming Contest (MCPC) is a problem solving collegiate competition that focuses on programming skills. It is a qualifying round for the ACM Arab Collegiate Programming Contest (ACPC). MCPC is organized in the same spirit and is governed by all applicable rules of the ICPC. Winners of an MCPC contest get the chance to represent Morocco in the Arab world and compete against the best Arab teams. Winning teams from the ACPC, are qualified to the final round which is the International Collegiate Programming Contest: ICPC. Its mission is mission is to educate, motivate and assist university students in order to improve their analytical and problem solving skills and therefore give them the chance to be qualified to represent Morocco by competing against other teams from Arab countries in the ACPC.

Let’s code ladies !

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Avenue Mohamed Ben Abdellah Regragui, Rabat (+212) 5 37 77 72 30

L’École nationale supérieure d’informatique et d’analyse des systèmes  est l’une des grandes écoles d’ingénieurs marocaines rattachée à l’université Mohammed V de Rabat.